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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, [ profile] jarriere, mate! I'd send you one of Dayna's smaller bombs (teeth are harder to lose than pearl earrings--unless they're in a necklace; don't ask) if I knew where you were. Have a good one!

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Happy birthday [ profile] jarriere

Vila! *glomps* I got three necklaces for Christmas and none of them were made of your teeth. For which I am glad. How are you, Vila? How was your festival of light?

I was asked "what on earth would you do with a necklace of Vila's teeth?" and this is what I said: 1) I would give them back to Vila, of course, or 2) put them in the most complicated safe I could find, which come to think of it is almost the same as 1)...

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[HUGGLES] I don't think you can put them back, but luckily they've never left home. Well, except for the little ones when I was a nipper which Mum said the fairies took from under my pillow for a penny each. I used to wonder what they did with them, and imagined they built little pearly tooth-brick houses.

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Hah. True. I don't suppose you've read the book The Hogfather?

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I have! But a festival based on pork and pork products? Just.... no.
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I used to wonder what they did with them, and imagined they built little pearly tooth-brick houses.

Reminded me of the tooth fairy's castle in Hogfather.

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Oh, right! But I thought of it long before I read that. :-)

I remember when I was about 8 or 10 or something like that, I convinced a little girl that fairies were real and one lived in my mum's messages book, which was a little data pad inside a little house on the kitchen wall. I said we couldn't see her but if we asked nicely, she might do some magic. The little girl, Gini her name was, wanted to be invisible, so I spent an afternoon pretending I couldn't see her and letting her sneak up on me. It must have really been magic for her, thinking she really was. I wish someone had done something like that for me when I was little. :-)

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AWWWWWWW! That's so cute. I wish someone had done that for me too. I suppose it's too late now. Oh well :-)

Happy birthday to you

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Dear Vila,

Happy Birthday! (I'm posting slightly early because of timezones.)

Image (

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Vila
Happy birthday to youuuuu!

May your day be filled with fun things like cake and A&S.

Em :-)

Re: Happy birthday to you

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It's the right day now (sorry, I was asleep, and no, Avon, that's not always half-true).

YUM, chocolate cake! And enough to share with all the crew! THANK YOU! One of the fun things my day will be filled with is you. [hugs you]

Re: Happy birthday to you

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*hugs back*

Glad you like it, little brother :P *passes the ice cream*

Re: Happy birthday to you

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Ah, now this just makes it perfect!

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hey hey, thanks for the balloons. They are super cute *huuugs* Mab will probably enjoy chasing them around...

I had ice cream yesterday and caught up with your and Avon's exploits at that casino and it was great :-)

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Mmmm, ice cream! What flavour?

That was fun, well, except for the bit where I had to play the Klute and I wondered if Avon would be quick enough teleporting me if I lost. But all's well that ends well!

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Triple chocolate with chocolate chips! (argh what a tongue twister)

I bet he would have been. He'd have to explain to Blake, not to mention Cally and Jenna what had happened.

You did well in the end. So proud of you.

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And I have that in writing! Well, typing. :-)

That's a lot of chocolate. Did you dip chocolate ship biscuits in it?