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Vila ([personal profile] vila_restal) wrote2009-02-09 10:44 pm

Start what?

From [ profile] theatrical_muse: Start something

Start something? Look, I'd prefer not to. I like a peaceful life, thank you very much. I've always left that sort of thing up to others, like Blake.

So, what sort of something do you suggest? A conversation? I do that fairly often, but people around here tend not to take me up on it. Pity, that. I like a good chat with a friend, but then again I'm usually with crew mates and that's often not the same thing at all.

A business? Well, I thought of going into security (the legal side of it for once) but the thought of taxes and paying employees and all the boring stuff that goes with it put me right off.

Tell you what, I'll start the cryptic crossword. That'll make Avon come over and try to finish it before I can, and I bet I can get a bit of a conversation out of him. Even if it largely consists of "fool" and "idiot". Still, I can't be that much of one or he wouldn't bother.

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Perhaps you could try talking to yourself, Vila. In my mind, that beats talking to Avon.

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Oh, I have. Used to do that when Blake ignored me. I even answered myself too.

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So, no allusions necessary ... to your madness, that is.

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I'm not mad! Look, I'm the only one who really understands me. I listen to myself with sympathy, and never interrupt. You got anyone like that?

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Alright, Vila. Settle down. No ... I suppose, I don't have anyone like that. None of us do.

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What, you don't even have you? But I suppose Space Captains aren't that introspective.

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Hey, Vila... have you suggested starting a friendship with Avon (anew)? I understand you might still be mad at him for when he tried to blow you out of the shuttle during the Egrorian/Pinder escapade, but can you try to forgive him?

Don't worry - I'm on your side all the time. I don't care if Avon keeps calling you a fool or an idiot, you'll always be a hell of a role model to me :) I, too, plan to "live forever or die trying" (Your words).

Your #1 fan,

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I'd consider it. If he said he was sorry instead of making sarcastic remarks about always being safe with him. But you know, he shot Blake down, and he was unarmed and harmless, pretty ,uch the way I prefer to be.

Thank you! And I'm doing well so far. :-D