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Vila ([personal profile] vila_restal) wrote2009-01-30 10:26 pm

Holding the line

From [ profile] theatrical_muse: Lines

They talk about us holding the line, you know, back when the Andromedans invaded. Odd expression, that. I mean, it should really be "holding the plane" in space, but I suppose it dates back to before people left Earth, when soldiers used to line up and throw things at each other. Course, we couldn't have held a big plane, not with just one ship. but it was a pretty small gap old Travis opened in the minefield for them. Me, I always wondered why the jellies never gave up and just went round the whole shebang, but I suppose they thought one ship should be easy to get past.

Tell you what, by the time the Federation showed up, my firing finger had gone numb. It was me who was on weapons, you see, which you might think makes me a hero. I didn't have any choice though. I mean, if it'd been up to me, I'd've run, but the others stayed for the sake of the galaxy and all that, and it was the right decision. Just wasn't mine.

So that's why I didn't want a medal when President Avalon handed them out last year. It wasn't modesty, just knowing who I really am.

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