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Vila ([personal profile] vila_restal) wrote2008-08-04 06:19 pm

I do have 'em, you know!

From [ profile] theatrical_muse: What principles are sacrosanct in your opinion?

Never steal anything from anyone who can't afford to lose it. Banks, corporations, rich bastards though? It's open season on that lot.

Don't piss in your own tent. In other words, don't nick stuff from people you know. Well, unless it's Avon and you're teasing him.

Never take anything personal. Even if it's a rich bastard. You never know, they might have feelings.

Never grass on your mates. Exception granted for torture or mind draining and wiping.

Never leave your mates in the lurch. Even if you think they'd do the same to you. Many's the time I thought about it, but I knew I'd feel bad about myself if I did. Sometimes I wish I had though.

Assume everyone's out to get you. Because they are.

And my old favourite: live forever--or die trying. :-)

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Of course you do, you are the most principled thief and rebel that I know.

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Really? [is surprised and delighted] Is that a very big field?

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I have a passing acquaitance with the crews of both Liberator and Scorpio but no it's not a very big field, basically it's you and Avon. And while Avon does have some principles, I don't think he's up to your standard.

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[blushes and grins] Thank you! You're so kind!

Don't fancy joining the crew, do you?

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A bit too dangerous for my liking, I am a firm believer in one of your priciples at least, I too plan to live for ever or die trying.

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Well, we're both doing all right so far!