vila_restal: (smile)
Vila ([personal profile] vila_restal) wrote2008-07-04 06:40 pm

Perfect birthday

From [ profile] theatrical_muse: If anything were possible, what would be your perfect way to celebrate your birthday?

At 110 with wine and my woman, of course!

Oh, all right. I suppose must of all I'd like to be alive. Oh, and free too. Anything else is a bonus, but since you're asking, I'll go for a slap-up dinner with my friends accompanied by some decent plonk. Wine, mates, food, a good party, and someone who loves me to spend the night with--and the rest of my life for that matter. My very long life, that is. Look, you did say "perfect".

And since I'd have all that, gifts would be an extra. I'd be happy with anything because I haven't had enough presents in my life for it not to be a novelty that someone would want to give me any. Mind you, I'd be careful opening Avon's.

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