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From [ profile] theatrical_muse: utopia

You what? No such place, mate. Me. I'd settle for somewhere quiet with good pubs and friendly people in them. And you know what? That means the closest I've come to it is the Delta levels on Earth. Sad indictment on the universe, that is.

Besides, shouldn't that be spelled 'eutopia'? I mean, words that mean something good start like that, like euphony and euphoria and euphemism and eunuch (no, not that one!) and eulogy (means good words itself, and me, I'd rather live a very long time and have bad ones at my send-off). Wait, I'll look it up. Nah, it’s spelled right, and I was right too, first time. It means 'no such place', not 'good place'.

Might've known.

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Not very imaginative, are you? What happened to the diamond floors and fur clad virgins I've heard you go on about?

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Being a bit more realistic, I suppose. I mean, how many of those have you seen?

Besides, diamond floors would be cold and hard, not to mention blinding, and I like my comfort.

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Realistic? You? All right, who are you and what've you done with Vila?

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I ate him. And why would you care?