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Black and white, but mostly black

From [ profile] theatrical_muse: black and white.

Ha! I bet you're think I'm going to write about morality or skin colour, though people are usually brown and beige come to that. Actually the first image that springs to mind is Avon's clothes. Always fancied the old black and white, he has (or black and silver) and if I remember right, he even started out in shades of grey. I still have a bit of a snigger when I remember that sailor suit. Actually the grey wasn't bad, but I think all that black leather got to him in the end. I mean, some clothes wear you, don't they? Especially with all those studs and thigh boots. Had to live up to them, didn't he? I'm just surprised he never got one of those spiked dog collars; he needed one to worn people off, especially after we lost Cally and the Liberator.

I suppose it's a sign of hope that there's always a bit of white or silver in all that black though. You know what though? Never thought I'd say it, but I miss the old red lobster suit.

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I always wondered about that brown suede thing he wore once. If it hadn't been for the studs, I would have thought he'd dressed in your room that day.

As for me, I was all to glad to see the end of that red leather thing. For a man who prides himself so much, he certainly has no style whatsoever.

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Oh haha, very funny. Actually I suggested brown might have him look more friendly and approachable. Didn't work.

And you can talk! I mean, what about that black leather and studs outfit you wore to Helotrix? Straight copy of Avon's old demented dentist from his wanted posters, that was. Bit of hero worship there, old boy?

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Now just how do you know about that little number anyway, Vila? I only wore it on Helotrix! I changed into it down there, and out of it while we were before we teleported back. Are you spying on me?

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[snigger] Dayna told me. She's seen those posters too, you know.

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Well, in my defense, it was a disguise. I wouldn't choose to wear that particular number.

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Oh really? Someone forced you to put it on?

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There weren't exactly a lot of choices, you know, and we were rather pressed for time.

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Pull the other one. Wearing an outfit Avon used to be seen in is hardly a disguise. Let's face it, no clothes are unless you straightened your hair or grew a moustache or something.

Go on then. Why'd you do it? [grin] Couldn't resist, could you?

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I don't know what sort of response you're expectinging, but it's nothing as sordid as all that. I wore it because it was the only item there that fit.

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Still haven't said why you even changed clothes, then changed back, have you? And don't give me that disguise story again. Doesn't wash.

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You wouldn't like the truth, Vila, believe me.

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Then you'll have to let me make my own assumptions then.

[murmurs very softly] Mating ceremony and aliens made you do it in the ceremonial clothes of power.

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Well, I'll let you chew on this: Dayna changed too, and it wasn't Soolin she was attempting to mimic.

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[puzzled] She was in red and white; so? Look, if you two got up to some kinky role play, I'm not sure I want to know. Not if you were one of the participants anyway.

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Brown and cream, actually. It was a cute little number. Anyway, I told you you really wouldn't like the truth. You're the one who insisted on knowing more.

Though I'm sure it's worth it for the look on your face right now.

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Ummmm... [is stunned and lost for words]