vila_restal: (happy)
Vila ([personal profile] vila_restal) wrote2008-04-14 10:50 pm

Three things I'm looking forward to

From [ profile] theatrical_muse: Name three things that you're looking forward to in the near future and why.

Three things?

Well, first up is my dinner, and why? Because I'm getting a bit peckish of course, and because my watch on the flight deck'll be over, and because the others will be there and I can have a nice chat. I like a bit of conversation with my food. And vice versa for that matter.

A game of chess with Avon. It's accompanied by insults, but funny thing--they're never about my game and I win often enough to make us fairly evenly matched. I'm not bad at chess either.

Avon's face when he finds out that some of his proddy tools are actually made of rubber painted to look like metal. Ah, Avon's a great source of amusement. He reacts so well.

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